Thursday, December 11, 2014

Deck the Halls

It's sort of become an annual tradition for me to make an ornament to commemorate year for our family. It started because for my husband and my's first Christmas, I bought a commemorative ornament online and I was super disappointed when it came in. Really wanting something special and unique and not wanting to buy another ornament, I decided to make a one out of our wedding invitation. Our second Christmas was our son's first, so we made one for that as well. And from there a tradition bloomed. I thought I'd share some of our special handmade ornaments with you all. For the most part they are really simple and make great gifts. 

As I said for my husband and my's first Christmas being married I made one out of our wedding invitation. By simply cutting the invitation into stripes, curling them and sticking them into an empty ornament from the craft store, we have a one hundred percent unique and completely personal ornament. I also added some leftover ribbon from our wedding and a heart charm that was lying around. Since then, I've also made one of these as a wedding present for all my friends and it's been a huge hit. [Ooops, sorry for spoiling the surprise for anyone getting married and inviting me to the wedding. :) ]

To commemorate our son's first Christmas, we cut off a piece of the tree's trunk and stamped his handprint on it with (completely non-toxic) paint. Then I burned his name and the year on to the backside, added a little hoop at the top and strung it with some pretty ribbon. I eventually want to either polyurethane or somehow seal it. 

After my daughter was born, we wanted to make a special ornament from her first tree, but since I thought of another idea to utilize something sentimental I didn't know what to do with, she now has two ornaments for her first Christmas. I took her newborn cap and bracelet from the hospital, put them into a glass ornament, added a ribbon left over from my sprinkle (my friends' special term for a baby shower for a second child) and made a tag from Kraft paper.

 I LOVE how this one turned out so much that I went back and made one of these for my son with his hat from the hospital. I figure when they have their own families they can have one of the ornaments and we'll keep the other. 

What are some of your most treasured ornaments? Are they handmade or special in another way? We've kinda set a standard for super special ornaments so I'm always on the look out for unique ideas. I'd love if you shared links and/or photos. 

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