Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tutorials and Techniques: Leaf Printing

For a recent swap a group of ladies each tried out a new technique and made multiple ATCs using that technique to swap. Some tried modeling paste, or brayer painting, or straw paint blowing. The one I chose was lead printing. It was really easy and fast to do. 

Step 1: Starting with 140 lb watercolor paper, I painted it with very watered down ultramarine blue watercolor paint.

Step 2: You want the paper very wet, even if there is some pooling of the paint, so spray it with more water if it starts to dry.

Step 3: Lay fresh leaves into the wet paint/paper, pressing them in as you go. Continue to press leaves in a pattern (I chose a mandala shape) until the entire sheet is covered.

Step 4: Leave the leaves in place until the paint has all dried. There should be no paint where the leaves were. The leaves seem to suck up the paint, leaving a ghost behind. 

Step 6: Reassemble the leaves on the page in a new patter (I did vertical lines). Using alcohol sprays (homemade ones are fine), spritz some color over the leaves, creating a second pattern. I chose pink and purple to go with the blue base paint I used. 

See? Easy peasy!

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