Monday, July 7, 2014

Mail Box Monday: Kandinsky ATC part dos

What do you get when you mix Kandinsky, jazz music and rubber cement? 

A few posts back I mentioned a fun set of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) I did for a swap.

Here are all four ATCs together from the Kandinsky Swap I did last month. 

This card is by Katie Goldberg, who owns a wonderful paper shop

 You can see the glimmer of her some of the papers on her card better from this angle:

This card was created by Sandra Martin, who also designed the header art for our swap group.

This card was made by Tamie Rodriguez, at Tamie is Preserving Memories, who is now one of the groups admins!. There is so much texture to it! 

Here is the card I made. 

You can see all four from the set I made here

This was the first set of ATC's I've done and they seriously were so much fun. They are almost like business cards, showing a mini version of an artists' signature style. This gave me a ton of ideas for actual cards to make. Hmmmm....

Ps. Congratulations to the Happy Mail Drawing winner, Rene Jantzi! 

PPs. Don't forget the Color Challenge starts today with RED!


  1. I love circle...color and Kadinsky! SO I love these!!

    1. Thank you so much Shelley! I hope their recipients like them as much!

  2. The cards are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. Great job, and wonderful collection to be sure.

    1. Thanks, Betty! Thank YOU for coming up with this awesome swap!