Thursday, July 3, 2014

Color Challenge

Summer is well underway, and all the juicy color the earth has to offer is in full flourish. With that, I'm under taking a color project for the next seven weeks, to look for color in my world. Each week will have a differemt color for it's theme, and we will go in chroma-logical order. So next week will kick us off with Red, followed by Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and wrapping up with Violet the last week. I'll be sharing my findings here at the blog.

But guess what?  I want you to join me in this adventure. Your mission: to seek out color in your everyday life. Whether its the clothes you wear, the meals you eat, the sites you see, look for color! Take the challenge a step further and to document your findings, be it through photos or your journal; use whatever medium strikes a cord with you. Feel free to share links from your color sightings each week in the comments section below each post. Can't wait to see what color your world is!

To tide you over till the adventure starts, I'd like to share three of the colors I'm most proud to call mine: the red, white and blue!

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day. Keep an eye out for color in the fireworks.


  1. Awesome. My "color" today is RED. Red like tomatoes that are running out my ears! I spent the whole entire day making salsa!

  2. PS -- sharing your challenge on my blog!


    1. Thanks Betty! I appreciate the share! Can't wait to see all the colors you find. Yummmy, salsa sounds so good right now (who am I kidding, salsa and chips ALWAYS sounds good!).