Friday, July 18, 2014

Color Challenge 2014: ORANGE

Did you have fun color hunting this week?

Here are some of the oranges I found in my world:

Spent some time organizing my watercolor collection. Here are two of my favorite oranges.

Eeeep. Little girl clothes make me so happy. 

Okay, so do little boy clothes.

Nom, nom, nom. Love these N'awlins chips.

Happy mail treat!

Paying bills: not fun
Bright cards: fun

Happy mail tag. Even the starfish is happy!

Keeping it green with a little orange. These Envirosax  reusable grocery bags are awesome. They hold up well and are huge. I've had mine for a good six years and they are still kicking. No kick back here, just like the bags.

I also saw a gorgeous orange trumpet flower, but I never took the time to snap a picture (insert sad face). Kinda dropped the ball, since that was the point of this project to make the time. 

Feel free to link below with the colors from your week.

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