Friday, May 30, 2014

She sells seashells... part 2

Here are the finished tags I mentioned the other day that  I made for a swap. These were so much fun to make. Two of them are in the mail, one going to Maryland the other staying in Texas. I'm secretly super excited I get to keep one ) for myself! I didn't know who my swap partners were before I started, so I made a few colors. They both mentioned liking orange and teal, so I kept the green one for myself. 

These were actually super simple to make. I painted the shells and cut them out, which you can see in my post last week. I used pages from an old Romeo and Juliet that was falling apart for the text. After gluing the shell and book paper together, they were mounted on watercolor paper I jazzed up with some spray inks and paint. The words "she sells seashells down by the seashore" were printed off using a typewriter-like text. I outlined the words with my handy-dandy Micron pen. The sand was harder to work in, so I ended up drawing with some liquid glue and sprinkling some genuine Jersey Shore sand on top and voila! My favorite part though, is the yarn I used for the tassels. I hand spun it on my Majacraft which I got on a trip to PA a few years back (its the Suzie for those who are wondering). 

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