Monday, May 12, 2014

Mailbox Monday

 TWENTY years ago I got my first email address and hearing that distinct voice saying "You've got mail" was so thrilling. At the time I could have cared less about a physical letter letter coming to me. Times certainly have changed. 

The other day I sent nearly 200 emails before 10 am. The ratio of electronic mail to snail mail is heavily weighted to the former. I've long since enjoyed sending and receiving letters, so when a lady in one of my favorite art communities announced she was creating an organized art swap group, I jumped in with both feet. It's sole purpose was to make art, gather fun tid bits for projects and then swap with other people. A win-win concept. You get a) original art someone has made, b) your "stash" is constantly refreshed, c) excitement over going to the mail box, and d) to have fun! The ladies who coordinate the group usually pick a theme for each swap, which adds to the fun. So far I've done a Birds & Blooms, a Sugar Skull, a "Stars at Night", Kandinsky ATC (artist trading cards) and generic happy mail swaps. Usually the envelopes are decorated as well, making for some visual candy for your mail person (mine has even commented I get such "fun" mail), not mention giving them some job security!

Here are some photos I took of my latest package I received. 

I have as much fun weeding through the package to take pictures of the goodies as I do actually playing with them!

Here's a challenge for you: take some time this weekend to gather some mementos from your week, write a note to someone, and have fun decorating an envelope to send them! You could try doodling, using paints with your fingers, collagung on it, what ever you do, just have fun! Maybe send to Mom? Mother's Day is less than two days away!

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