Friday, April 11, 2014

Workshops Everywhere! And a big announcement...

So, it's been pretty quiet over here at the blog. Mostly because I have been super busy at my big girl job, and more importantly, making "stuff"! Several commissions are well under way and I have quite a few personal projects I'm working towards. Fortunately, creativity seems to beget creativity for me. Most of the time, working on commissions seems to fuel my inspiration and the ideas seem to flow out. However, I do sometimes hit a wall by trying to "see" something through or for someone else. When this happens, I have a a ton of prompts I keep on hand to help me work through things. But for a super recharge, I pull out the big guns: art workshops. I've found taking refresher courses from other artists gives me a new set of eyes and helps me find fresh approaches to my work. Even if its something I never want to try again (like oil paints), I gain a renewed love of my standby tools (ie. watercolors)

I get a lot of questions about how to make time for art, various techniques I use, where to get ideas, etc. The most common factor I can figure is I keep a very consistent art journal. Its bit of a cross between a sketchbook, scratch pad, travel log, gratitude journal, agenda, scrapbook, and occasionally diary, but I try to make some kind of mark in it everyday, even if it is just a quick note or five minute doodle. By documenting colors or a shape that caught my eye, practicing sketching, writing a quote or poem I liked, I have wonderful reference files (the original Pinterest perhaps?) of things in my life to draw from when making projects. My journals are one of my most treasured possessions and a wonderful habit to have. Because of this, I am so very excited to announce...

This summer I will be hosting my first in person workshop, "I heART Journaling". This class will be an introductory class to art journaling as a way to document your life and ideas (and maybe some feelings, too). It will be structured for all skills levels, and will offer prompts and techniques, as well as ways to personalize my processes for yourself. Keep an eye out on the blog for more details. I will be hosting a mini version of this course as a pilot in May, and will finalize the curriculum after that!

In the meantime, for those of you not able to attend an in person class with me, here are a few online workshops I have enjoyed.

Frequent readers of my blog know I am a huge fan or Lori at Elvie Studio's whimsical hand lettered style. She just launched her Doodle Page workshop in January and I have adored it! Her sweet personality shines through as we walks you through page composition and lettering techniques. This class was $40 when I took it.,

Another blog I love is Daisy Yellow. Tammy is always coming up with fun prompts to help us stretch ourselves a little further. Her Watercolor Playground course was offered as part of the 2013 21 Secrets workshop. This is great, whether you are experienced or new to watercolors. Her expressive style is so much fun! This class is now $39 (last time I checked!).

Another great resource is the Strathmore virtual classroom. The renown art paper maker offers three online  by different teachers on different topics. If you don't like this year's classes, they change each year. Best part, these are FREE classes. They do require you create a account, but it's free. Great way to get your feet wet with out making a big financial commitment. 

Strathmore Online Workshops

Please note, I am not being compensated in any way for these reviews. These opinions are entirely my own. Just showing some bloggy love by sharing classes I liked and supporting some artists I admire. 

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