Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Spring... into DLP

After much ado, spring is finally here!

Beyond the physical defrosting, my favorite parts are the flowers finally emerging from the ground and the sweet song of the birds.

Speaking of my birdie friends, that was the week 11 challenge over at the 2014 Document Life Project (DLP), to incorporate a bird into our journals, so I took the opportunity to document a mockingbird we saw at the park in one of my books.

What is the DLP you might ask. One-third planner, one-third journal, one-third sketchbook, one hundred percent perfection. The lovely ladies who created this project came up with an innovated way to combine all three in to one book. While you can participate without it (I just use a regular sketchbook for my journaling/art making, but more on that later), they have a fun how-to to make your own custom DLP journal from a Moleskine planner (the planner is very different from the Moleskine sketchbook I didn't like here). 

I'd love if you joined in the fun with me! For those of you on Facebook, there is even a DLP group for the year. Here's a list of the the challenges so far!

What did you do over spring break last week? Enjoy the weather locally (it was pretty cool here)? Go on a family vacation? 

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