Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monster Mash

One of the best things when your kids are young is getting to live vicariously through them... like by picking the theme for their birthday parties. So the theme for my son's second birthday party was monsters because *I* wanted monsters. 

My mom was nice enough to sew some stuffed monsters for the kids to take home.I decorated the little "Adopt-a-Monster" sign and made adoption tags for each of the monsters.

(Pardon the crummy iPhone photo)

Of course the sweet treats tied into the theme! My mother-in-law at Love Those Cakes made these adorable monster cupcakes that matched my kiddo's swim trunks.

Wanting to make something myself, I drew monsters on the thank you cards I sent. They were left blank for the receiving kiddos to color them in. Originally, my goal was to make a coloring book of hand drawn monsters for the kids to take home, but that didn't happen. So I ended up with a bunch of drawings in my sketchbook. 

Since we went with hand drawn thank you cards instead, the test drawings have been sitting unpainted, waiting for inspiration to strike. Recently those drawings were rediscovered, so I've started painting them. Fortunately, the original drawings were done in waterproof ink, so they didn't bleed when I used my beloved watercolors.

Here are a few I've worked on so far.

It's fun watching how they evolve.

Hope you enjoyed these little monsters! They certainly were fun to create!

Can't wait to get started on the kids' parties this summer. All kinds of ideas percolating. 

What personal touches have you done for parties for your kids/grandkids/special children in your life? Make your own pinata? Rent a bounce house? Have a costume photo booth? Leave a comment about your special event. Links welcome for those of you who've blogged about it!


  1. Made me smile! Enjoy your blog

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. It's good to know someone enjoys it.