Thursday, February 20, 2014

HeARTfully Yours

Now that Valentine's Day is behind us (gents, I hope you got your ladies something nice!), there seems to be a surplus of hearts around. I thought it would be fun to come up with some ways to show some love to the heart shape. Here are some very simple ways you can reuse hearts in other projects throughout the year! 

Make four hearts green and you now have a shamrock for your St. Patrick's day party. 

Spring has sprung when you glue five mini hearts to the back of a circle. Look at your pretty flower! 

Get out your pens, add a white circle and your hearts now serve as bunny ears for Easter...

Doodle some land and oceans, and you have a heart-globe for Earth Day...

Do some flipping and you have heart and spade decorations for Poker Night...

Some snipping and you can make yourself a mustache...

A little folding and you have an owls...

Add some green and ornaments and you have a tree for Christmas. 

[Note: I'm going off using paper hearts,  but the same ideas can easily be used for your heart cookie cutters, cake pans, etc!]

Here is one last idea I saw that would be cute for the kids valentines next year...turning a paper heart into an envelope!

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Have you come up with some ways to repurpose your holiday decorations?

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