Friday, February 7, 2014

Freebie Friday: Creative Coloring part dos

Holidays can be especially difficult for many of our precious children, who have extreme food sensitivities and allergies, given the fear that a well meaning parent will accidently send in cookies made with peanut butter, or make a cake with eggs and then one child can't enjoy. For those of you who missed my post the other week, there was a tutorial for repurposing crayons as Valentines for your kiddos to take to school in lieu of candies, where I showed a card I drew for the kids to color. 

While my original idea was to adhere the repurposed crayons from last week's project to the front, the more I played with it, the more things I thought of to do with this drawing:

Print off and adhere to the front of a blank card

Use it for zentangles

Print on cardstock and add crayons with washi tape

Add some baker's twine to the card

Use it for a homemade colouring book

Wanting to show some bloggy love, I thought I would provide that drawing for you to for your own projects... for free! I scanned it in at a fairly high resolution, so you should be able to just save the picture straight from this post, scale to your desire and print off. You are free to use this download for Valentine's gifts or in crafts, but I ask that you not use it in anything you plan to sell. 

 I hope you enjoy! If you have any problems downloading it, shoot me an a message over at my shop, and I'd be happy to email it to you!

Leave a comment below sharing how you plan to use it!


  1. love the zen tangle idea ~ may have to bring in some flowers similar to alisas! lol and love that ur in TX!! we just moved to tx fro ga!

    1. Thanks! That was probably my favorite one to make.
      Welcome, welcome to (in my humble opinion) the greatest state in the world!