Monday, January 20, 2014

Commission: Thank You Card

Last month my mother-in-law commissioned me to create a "thank you" card for a parishioner of the church we attend. This person gave her an amazing gift and she wanted to show her gratitude with an amazing card... by moi!

Knowing I wanted the card to have a religious tone, I began brainstorming but was having a hard time deciding on something appropriate. Finally, one night when I couldn't sleep inspiration struck! While reading my Bible, I came across the perfect verse for the inside of the card: 2 Samuel 2:6. Once the verse was lettered, I decided I wanted to incorporate our church onto the cover of the card. My MIL was was super thrilled with the card. Being really happy with the end result myself,  I've actually been thinking about recreating the painting for a print. 

Hope you enjoy!

Do you have a person or event for which you need something special? I'd love to take on the challenge with you! Shoot me a message at my shop to set something up

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