Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rainbow Challenge 2013

One of the blogs I follow, Daisy Yellow, often has different art challenges going on each month. For December, it was the Rainbow Escape Challenge. It's purpose was to help us remember to take a bit of time from the holiday chaos and just enjoy the moment through a little bit of creativity.

There were seven prompts and seven 2- color combinations. The challenge was to pick one prompt and one color combo (using each only once) and make seven art journal pages. This was designed to help keep our creative juices flowing through the hectic holiday season.

When I'm stressed out I find it harder to find my creative side. Our family had a pretty hectic Decemmber, so I especially enjoyed having thesse prompts to turn to. When there is only a few minutes here and there to work in my journal, I really want to make them count. There is a prompt jar at my art desk for this purpose but it was super fun working on some fresh ones!

Please check out Tammy's blog, Daisy Yellow; you can see each of the prompts from the Rainbow Escape Challenge there and her next challenge starts today. 

Will you join in??

Below are my seven pages. I did the prompts in Chromalogical order. Materials used range from watercolor, watercolor pencil, water soluable crayons, pigment ink, markers, and even a little crayon!

Prompt 1:

Prompt 2: 

Prompt 3:

Prompt 4:

Prompt 5: 

Prompt 6: 

Promo 7: 

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