Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brrr... It's Cold In Here

...there must be some snow in the atmosphere. 

Winter sure seems to have come early this year! With Christmas less than two weeks away, most of you are probably done trimming your trees by now. However, since parties are still in full swing, I thought I'd share how to make a super easy ornament. It would be perfect for a host/ess gift or last minute add on present. 

Being in Texas, snow is a rare and pleasant surprise most of the time. A snowman however is a creature of myths. So last month, when trying to think of an idea for an ornament for my women's bible study group's annual ornament exchange luncheon, I thought a Texas snow man would be funny- it looks like a melted snowman (which is usually the only kind you see around here). 

Most of the supplies you should have lying around your house, but if not, a quick run to the grocery and/or your local craft store and you'll be set. Use what you have and feel free to substitute. 

Supplies from top right
-Salt (I like the look of Kosher salt since its a bit larger granuals. You could also try white glitter. Use what you have!)
-A small piece of orange card stock (you can use white paper and color it with an orange marker)
-A Christmas-y ribbon or baker's twine
-Grab a piece of pretty Christmas paper or card stock to make a cute tag and some glue to make the nose.
-A clear glass ornament (I got mine from Hobby Lobby, but I know Michael's has them too)
-Some whole peppercorns (8 to be exact) 

Remove the lid to the ornament and pour the salt and peppercorns into the   ornament. Then cut out a long isosceles triangle from the card stock for the snowman's nose. If you feel ambitious you could also roll the card stock into a cone. Just use a dab of glue to secure the paper into the cone shape. Once the glue has dried drop your "nose" into the ornament as well. 

Replace the lid and thread your ribbon through it. I also made a tag that says "a TEXAS snowman". That's it! Pretty simple, huh?

Ironically, this has been one of the coldest years since I've been in Texas, so there have been several snowmen already this year.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Let me know how yours turns out. Who will you give it to? Anyone catch the "Bring It On" reference?

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