Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 Journal

While procrastinating on life (housework, commissions, exercise), I made another journal. Not sure if any of you have seen the SMASH* journals (part scrapbook, part journal) but this was kind of modeled off them.

I used a variety of papers (calligraphy, banana leaf, handmade, drawing, card stock, more) in an assortment of sizes, then added a variety of stamps, cutouts, and ephemera. I then sandwiched it all between some salvaged chip board that was heading for the recycling bin. 

The three signatures were hand stitched and the book was bound with enforced tape (okay, duct tape- it what I had laying around). One of the signatures is slightly more wobbly than I'd like, but overall it came out pretty well. 

This could very easily be used for a weekly journal for 2014, so I went ahead and labeled the 52 full sheets (I seems to have a knack for this number), and added some tabs for all twelve months. 

This got me thinking about resolutions for next year. Since it takes 28 days to create a new habit, I usually try to pick twelve little things to work on through out the year, one for each month. There's quite a few that show up year after year (eating well, praying more, living in the moment), but there's always a few unique ones each year. 

What are some goals you have for next year you would put in your journal? Would you be interested in a journal like this? Leave me a comment below!

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