Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Work Picnic

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This weekend was set up to be pretty busy. I was supposed to go see the Houston Symphony Orchasta's homage to Queen on Friday with Ronnie, but it was pouring. While the idea of getting soaking wet was oh so appealing, neither one of of us was up for getting drenched. Besides, our free lawn seats were easy to sacrifice. Saturday was the annual family picnic at my work. I used to help organize it (one of those "volun-told" things. Ha.) for a few years, but the torch has been passed to someone else. So this was the first time in awhile I was able to go and not be working the whole time. I was able to enjoy myself 100%. The picnic, a crawfish boil, was as the same facility as last year, a local Y, which is really nice. We've talked about joining when James gets a bit older.  They offer scavenger hunts, nature trails, rock climbing, swim lessons yoga - it's pretty awesome. But I digress... back to the picnic.

There has been something in the water at our office - there have been 12 babies born in the last 2 years. It's rare we see them all together at once - they have grown so much, so fast!

Fall 2011 Shrimp Boil

Spring 2012 Crawfish Boil

(note James is in plaid and Lane is in yellow in both pictures)
The kids all seemed to have fun. There was a blow up bouncer for the older kids, and the babies, well lets just say they were more easily entertained. Water bottles serve many purposes: hydrate oneself, put out fires, amuse small children.

Despite missing most of his morning nap and his entire afternoon one, James was super good, as usual.  He was all smiles playing with the other babies. Everyone comments on what a good disposition he has. Don't know where he got that from.
Over all fun, a Saturday. Brandon played football with a few of the other husbands, while James and I played with a soccer ball. We tried not to get too much of a tan. The next day was our friend's thirtieth birthday party, so we headed out to Montgomery for fajitas and some horseshoes and washers. James had fun playing on a bouncer with Barrett, Lane, and Chloe. Monday we had to have a new A/C unit installed (boooo), but I was able to work from home so I got an extra day to hang out with my little man (yay). We took a little break to go play outside. Note the dirt on the side of his mouth. We got inside and I noticed he was chewing on something... I pulled a piece of mulch out. Awesome.

J is eight months old.

He is crawling like crazy, and pulls up on everything. This makes putting him to bed a bit more difficult. I can't believe he is closer to his first birthday than his day of birth. *snif snif* But I'm okay, promise. I had my break down at six months, when I realized he had officially been in daycare for more of his life than he spent at home with me. He seems to really like it though. They do a lot of fun things with the kids. Easter egg hunts, rainbow pot for St. Patty's Day, finger paints for Easter.  A photographer comes in about once a quarter to do themed shoots. He wasn't there for the Christmas one, but here's a picture from the one in February. 

He is such a ham. Love it. The shoot was western themed in honor of the Houston Rodeo. Har har.

Anywho, gonna go make some more memories.

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