Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feeling Fest-y

One thing I love about the area in which we live is the events and festivals. There are so many things to do near by, and they cater to a wide audience. This weekend was the Waterway Arts Festival. I went with my mom for the first time last year (and sweet baby J, but he was still baking). Despite it being hotter than heck, I had a blast. There were a ton of vendors, good food and music. My only purchase from the day was a pair of amazing two tone earrings made by some guys from Austin (I can't find the card with their info right now, but I'll update when I find it). I am still obsessed with them and was pretty anxious to see if I could find any goodies this year.

I've being dropping hints to B for, oh let's say, five months that the festival was this weekend and I'd really like to go. Sidenote: I've also been wanting a new camera for a few months, but have been scared to commit. J is moving around waaay to much for my ol' point and shoot to capture non-blurry images. My brother in-law, K, loaned me his Canon DSLR to test drive. I figured the art festival would be a perfect weekend to experiment.

So imagine my pleasant reaction when B said he wanted to surprise me by taking me out there! Yay! Yes, Virginia, men really listen. So, we woke ourselves up bright and earlier (okay, baby J woke us by bright and early) Saturday to head out there. We started the day off a bit rough - somebody dropped his toy by the car but I didn't realize it until we were at the festival. Guess who ran a mile to go back and grab it?

We met up with some friends and between their good company and the beautiful weather, the day improved rapidly.

There was an artist who made elaborate bird houses (faerie houses?) out of tin and wood. So many great details. I love the wire vine, and copper stairs.

Potters sat in a circle, spinning on their wheels. This man was quite old, yet his hands seemed supple and young. I was fascinated with how agile they were.

Musicians engaged children with hands on demonstrations of different instruments. I can't wait to take J out here when he's older.

One of my favorite booths (I remember them from last year, too) was the garden gnomes. Maybe they were more gremlins, but either way, I love them. There was one in particular who was holding a torn apart yarn flamingo that I just died laughing when I saw. And this guy put a new spin on the term "fairy"

I really enjoyed the people watching, though I'm not sure who I enjoyed more, the artists or the patrons.

This woman made her own scarves through sewing scraps of fabric and memorabilia together. I loved way she tied in quotes and different textures.

When ever I hear a harp, I go to a happy place; there is something so ethereal about them. The harpist's hands gently strum the cords and peace descends.

When I saw this mosaic, with the heart-in-hand motif, I had to grab a shot. I grew up seeing this symbol in a lot of Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch art.

To be respectful, I always ask permission when I can before shooting others art. Over all, most of the artists were really cool about me photographing their work (several even offered me hints on using the camera and how to get better angles), but a few, and within their right, said no. They were more the exception than the rule. We wrapped up the day at Pub Louie. There was a FREE appetizer and martini special. Not per table, per person...heck yeh!

Baby J was such a trooper. Missed both his naps, yet was happy as can be. By 3-ish, he was passed out in his stroller. He wasn't the only tired one; I was whooped by the end of the day. Had not done that much walking since I was on maternity leave. Between that, the sun and my son, my energy was zapped. I had hope to work on some orders I have, but I hit the sack by 9 pm. Speaking of which, it is past my bedtime...


  1. I thought I had missed the festival again but thanks to your post I was able to catch some of it! Enjoyed

  2. Thanks, Ronnie! We saw some really neat things. Maybe next year we can all go together.