Sunday, July 11, 2010

"here's to 234 years of legal separation from Great Britain..."

Nabbed that from a friends Facebook page... it cracked me up.
So slightly belated, but I spent this year's Independence Day in the city where our amazing nation was founded...Philadelphia. Honestly, I went because my family lives there do it was coincidental that it was the fourth of July. I figured I share a bit of my trip with you. I'm a foodie so half of what I did rotated around eating. I'm just saying...

I flew in Thursday night and my sweet mother, who bless her heart, is usually in bed asleep by 9, picked me up from the airport at like midnight. Friday was daddy-daughter time, which included lunch at my favorite family owned cheese steak joint, John's Pizza, in Frazer. Nothing like a chicken cheese "steak" with mushrooms and onions to clog your arteries, but they are oh so good. The three of us cooked up some din-din and then I dragged the parentals to see:
It is rare the three of us watch a movie we all like, but since I saw A*Team the week before, I was pretty confident they would like it. And they did.
I love it when a plan comes together. :)

Afterward it was some cousin time in Bryn Mawr and Philly with J. KIP (knit in public) Day was like the week before, so I was giddy with excitement when I saw this little remnant of the occasion
To top the night off, I got to see one of my favorite sites, Boat House Row,
in all its glory on the drive home.

Saturday was incredibly hazardous to my bank account, albeit incredibly fun, as my mother took me to all her favorite yarn and fabric stores. I got a TON of ideas, and some new supplies.
We grabbed "red white and blue" cupcakes from my favorite local delicatessen, Clay's Bakery in Berwyn. As much as I love Crave and Sprinkles, Clay's is one of my favs. It is still family owned, and with homemade buttercream icing that is to die and prices half of the big guys, I'm sold.
Look at these two cakes! I love the shore so these caught my eye!

Quick funny for ya: So, my favorite LYS (local yarn shop) is W.C. Mercantile, in Navasota, TX. While in PA, mom and I stopped in Morgantown, to visit Olde Peddler Wools, where I met Jeannie Lee, who spins, knits and makes gorgeous bridal shawls... AND she happens to heard of and purchased from W.C. Mercantile! Small world, huh? On the way home, we stopped by this great deli where I used to work in high school, Isaac's. This place cracks me up- EVERYTHING on the menu is named after birds. The food is really healthy- either grilled or baked. Having a mild bird obsession and the fact that I'm not a huge fan of deep fried stuff, this place is the best. They have the most amazing pretzel rolls (being only one county over from the pretzel capital of the world, no surprise). My go-to item is the Twisted Chicken, sub provolone for cheddar. After a thoroughly fulfilling meal, we got home exhausted and broke. I did not buy half of the things I wanted, but still got a ridiculous amount of stuff. My mom is the best though; she let me "shop" through her fabric supply. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the house and made a case for my new lap top.
That evening the two of us met up with J at Alba's, in Malvern for dinner. Pricey little joint, but super good food. We had a REALLY great bottle of wine.
After dinner J and I met up with her sis, K, to see another movie,
then we hit up McKenzie's (another local place with an on-site brew house) for dessert.

Sunday, mom and I went to the Kutztown Folk Festival,
but this post has gotten long enough, so check back later for part two.
The fourth was capped off by watching fireworks from the backyard, after which Twinky (another cousin) and I hung out for bit in West Chester. Monday consisted of cooking up the 10 lbs of fresh shrimp (Atlantic not oil for me, please) my dad picked up from his trip to South Carolina the day beffore. I ate like a queen so I would not have to endure airport food. Then it was on a plane to head back to reality. It was so glad walk through my front door. I had really missed B. Although there is no place like home, it is really hard when you consider two places home.
'till next time...

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