Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are you going to Kutztown Faire....

"The Kutztown Folk Festival, a wonderful local event that for the past 60 years has paid tribute to Pennsylvania Dutch history and culture."
Now that I have covered the cliche FYI, on to the post...

During my trip to Philadelphia over the fourth of July, my mom and I decided to visit the festival on Sunday the fourth. I could say it was because we wanted to pay homage to our nation's history, but the biggest reason was all the other shops we wanted to visit on my trip would be closed on Sunday.

Located in picturesque Berks County, you feel like you are going back in time
the way the scenery changes as you approach your destination.
Of course you have your reality flash backs now and then.

The festival has a little bit of everything.It originally was exclusive to local handmade goods and antiques, but has expanded to include people from all around the county.

Artisans set up booths to display their crafts.

(This nifty creation is a piece of wood, which naturally forms the burls and curls, cut on an angle so when you flip it over you get this...).

Locals get involved by representing their ancestors with historical reenactments.

Petting zoos include a plethora of creatures, many of which will be used in demonstrations.These baby angora bunnies are routinely sheared for their luxurious coats.

Shop owners set up tasting stations for their consumable goods.

A highlight of the festival that draws people from across the country is the nation's largest quilt sale. There is a competition after which the entries, all handmade, are then displayed on sale.

Even the food is reminiscent of times past. Shoo-fly pie, pirogi, apple dumpling, peach fritter, fresh horseradish, pumpkin many choices and so little time. We ate our way through the fair.

For only $12 bucks and free parking, it was a fairly inexpensive way to have fun filled day. And the most exciting part of our outing for me: a lady was selling spinning wheels.
[Quick back ground info: I heart my drop spindle with a passion. BUT. It seems to take forever to knock out a skein. I have tried a few wheels at Steph's shop, and I fell in love with the Majacraft Suzie.With double treadling, a single hook flyer, and a built in Lazy Kate, it is so easy. Caveat: One must be willing to pay for such a great wheel. A LOT.]

Back to the story. So this lady had about 4 wheels she was selling because 1.) she did not really need 4 wheels and 2.) she had just up graded to the Majacraft Suzie Professional. So lo and behold, she was selling her Standard Suzie... for HALF price. I'll give you one guess what I got!?!?
My mom is driving it down in August when she comes to visit so it would not get damaged in the mail.

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